Guinbox online notepad

Is your text to speech editor tool to get things down on paper without having to do it the old-fashioned notebook way.

It allows keeping them safe and secure without login or signup needed, while allowing quick access and use from any location.

It can also help create an outline for your project task details by giving you features like free speech to text recognition and an easy space to write down every idea that comes to mind!

Guinbox's free online notepad is the next generation version of taking notes online incredibly, with the speech to text recognition feature that enables users to turn their voice into words for an instant online text editor.

It's the best online notepad with an exciting new technology in which one can quickly and easily input thoughts by speaking them aloud, as opposed to using traditional keystrokes or tapping on touch screens.

Guinbox plain notepad is a simple encrypted online text editor like the free WordPad from Microsoft. You can save and read your notes, to-do lists and other memo notes online for free without being required to log in or register.

This secure typing notepad supports basic formatting options, using bold / italic font styles and subscripts / superscripts. So you don't need to download or install any app or software file on your Windows computer to just use or edit your memos.

Our internet browser based notepad can be extremely useful because it allows you to take notes anywhere you are, as long as you have access to the Internet. Anyone who has ever had an idea come up while they were driving or walking will know how important our online notepad is!

Our online notepad makes sure that no one will ever know that you were working on your project but yourself.

It can help you stay organized by keeping your ideas in one place.

Writing on this free online notepad editor is compatible with mobile devices, so you can create your notes on the go and easily access them on the web wherever you are.

This way, there is no chance of misplacing or forgetting about an idea you had–just pull out your phone whenever one comes to mind and style it down!

Key Features:

  1. Store text documents online for free with autosave rich editor functionality.

  2. Edit or delete your documents' data across any PC, Android, iPhone, or iPad device.

  3. Share your notes and documents in seconds with friends or company team instantly.

    You can email, tweet, or post them on Facebook for easier and fast collaboration.

  4. Organize, sort and search notes by filename title, date, or length.

  5. Keep notepads private and saved with a password, be sure there's no chance someone could find what's going on behind those closed doors.

  6. Insert pictures to annotate your text, or download files attached with the note for later reference.

    If it's an important work project that needs additional information from external sources, Our online text to speech notepad supports links too!

  7. Recognize words by voice and turn speech to text in any language. It's the perfect online notepad for speeches, lectures, or interviews!

Our online notepad makes it easy to have your notes recorded and stored for later.

Just say it, and the text will appear in no time! Not only can you store all of your short notes online to remember in one site, they'll be ready for editing and available from anywhere without account registration for better privacy and free distraction.

That's why many people choose our website free browser based notepad over other alternative documentation tools.